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About us

Josef Unterberger and Sylvia Baumkircher
WORK COMPANY - for more than 20 years we have been renowned for the efficiency and competence of our services and for work being completed on schedule.

The company’s headquarters are in Liezen (Austria) and our main focus is on the construction and mechanical engineering sector. Our customers are large, renowned Austrian and German companies who are globally active and WORK COMPANY’S sphere of activity now spans several continents. For example, major projects have already been handled or are currently being handled in the USA, South America, Eastern European countries (such as Ukraine and Russia), Spain, England and France - to mention only a few countries. Josef Unterberger was a pioneer - the "man of the hour” in the skilled work-force sector - right from the very start. Often away on a job himself, where he was responsible for training staff, he recognised at an early stage the trend of large companies to outsource complex tasks. What started out small at the beginning of the 90s has developed into large dimensions since the founding of the GmbH (N.b. an Austrian legal form, comparable to a company with limited liability) 20 years ago.