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Josef Unterberger
Managing Director

Tel.: +43 664 1410616
E-Mail: josef.unterberger(at)

Career path: apprenticeship as a machinist, holder of the Master Craftsman’s Certificate (he was one of the youngest to take this examination at MFL Maschinenfabrik Liezen), is a Master Locksmith, has gained considerable experience at home and abroad in the construction and mechanical engineering sector, is still actively involved with all aspects of the company, holder of all examinations and commercial requirements that are decisive and key factors for large companies when commissioning a contract.

Sylvia Baumkircher

Tel.: +43 3612 25558
E-Mail: office(at)

Responsible for the company’s commercial and business matters: accounts; payroll accounting; co-ordinator between customers, office and management. She has been with the company from the very beginning and is an absolute gem.

Walter Poyer
Assembly foreman

Tel.: +43 664 1325016
E-Mail: walter.poyer(at)

One of the founding members of WORK COMPANY. He has been involved in various company projects abroad - e.g.: the installation/set-up and starting-up of plants in Alabama, USA (Mercedes); Victoria, Spain; Hambach, France (SMART), to name a few.

Friedrich Gruber
Assembly foreman

Tel: +43 676 3786728
E-Mail: friedrich.gruber(at)

Siegfried Soderer
Assembly foreman

Tel: +43 650 8992558
E-Mail: sigi.soderer(at)

Christof Aschauer
Assembly foreman

Tel: +43 676 9665620
E-Mail: christof.aschauer(at)

Eugen Zandl
Assembly foreman

Tel: +43 664 4647485
E-Mail: mil.zandl(at)